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When you talk about games that have to do with gambling, free Roulette is the first thing lots of players think of. This appealing game has been drawing lots of gamblers to casinos both online and offline.

Even with how popular it is, there are still numerous individuals who are not aware of how to play online roulette in Canada. In this article, we will be addressing this.

We will be providing you with all the crucial data regarding the roulette game. But before we go any further, let us take a look at some of the leading online roulette casinos.


Some of the leading online roulette casinos include:

  • 888
  • Jackpot casino
  • Night rush

History of Roulette Games

It is not easy to determine the precise moment free roulette game was developed. However, there are a few theories as regards where it comes from, all of which are linked with monks.

According to the official theory, Blaise Pascal, the French scientist was responsible for the invention of roulette. This occurred in 1655 when he was in a monastery for a retreat.

Some others believe that Dominican monks were the ones who created the initial roulette free play centered on the previous Tibetian game. There are researchers who also believe random monks were responsible for inventing roulette. They believed that these monks got tired of the dull monastery life and decided to make it a bit entertaining.

Benefits of Playing Online Roulette

There is a range of benefits you enjoy when you play roulette for fun. Some of these include:

  • Ease in accessing the game
  • Less house edge
  • Improved payouts
  • Privacy
  • Security and safety
  • Round the clock customer service
  • Less minimum table limits


One of the leading games in casinos all around the globe is Roulette. The great news is that players would also be able to play it online. The online roulette which consists of a red and black wheel signifies elegance, excitement and the potential to make substantial earnings.

The roulette game is not challenging. The wheel comes alongside slots numbered 0 – 36. These slots switch between red and black. That is not all. The wheel spins in a single direction while a little ball spins in the other direction. The instant both of them stop entirely, the number which is the winner is stated, and players will receive their earnings.

The aim of this entertaining game is to determine the location the ball would stop. Players don’t need to have any unique strategy when they start to play free online roulette. But, there are a range of bets players would be able to make if they want to increase their possibility of getting a reasonable payout.


At various online casinos, you will be able to select between a range of roulette games online which can help them personalize their gambling experience. You will be able to get various variations when you play roulette online. Some of these include:

  • American Roulette
  • French Roulette
  • European Roulette

The overall way of playing these casino roulette online games are the same, but there are some minor distinctions.

  • In the American Roulette, both 00 and 0 show up on the wheel
  • The French Roulette has an extra rule called La Partage. Here, if the bet falls on 0, you will lose half of your money bet.
  • The European Roulette supports another kind of bet which is known as Neighbor Bet. This is centered on where numbers are situated on the wheel.

Roulette is a complex casino game. It is based mostly on chance. It is a top choice of numerous perceptive players. You too can be a winner if you try it today.


If you want to play roulette, below are some of the tricks and tips that can be of help.

These include:

1. Before you begin playing, have an understanding of the odds

If you bet on one number, you will be able to make lots of cash. You will also be able to win a little amount if you bet on many numbers. In essence, your chances are higher depending on the amount of numbers you bet on. New gamblers are usually not aware of this and fall into the trap of polarizing the game. Most of the time, they either put excess on numerous numbers or put all on a number. It is ideal for you to have an understanding of the statistics before placing your bet.

2. Don’t depend on one system of betting

Betting systems come in a huge amount. They are literally over hundreds. Although a few players swear they work because one random individual was successful with it, it does not imply that it would equally work for you.

3. Do your own research by trying out free play bonuses to determine what you find most comfortable. Finally, it is all dependent on odds as all system of betting turns out to be the same eventually.

4. Study the Roulette game variations

Online roulette wheel comes in numerous variations. The minimal distinctions completely changes the odds of the game when playing roulettes in casinos for free. So before you begin to place bets, ensure you have a thorough understanding of the benefits the house may offer.

5. Ensure you bet with a clear head

You may believe it is an excellent idea to play roulette online and have a cold drink. But, your judgment could end up being clouded by even the smallest level of alcohol. Ensure your head is clear when you engage in online gambling and ensure you do everything to stay away from temptation.